Interfaith Iftar Thailand Handbook

Interfaith Iftar Thailand 2022 (IIT2022) were successfully organized by Digital for Peace Foundation (D4P), Buddhist Network for Peace (B4P), and supported by the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Thailand aiming to promote peace and harmony in society by having a fast-breaking meal as well as dinner conversation by people of different faiths.

The project consisted of 2 events with 2 different places and different dates. The first event was held on 18 April 2022 at American Corner Yala in Yala Rajabhat University and the second event was held on 20 April 2022 at American Corner Pattani in Prince of Songkhla University.

These Interfaith Iftar Thailand 2022 events have brought the opportunity to 42 participants from different faiths to come together for interfaith dialogues and had conversations during fast breakings or having dinners that build a harmonious community. Thus, the expectation that wishes to promote members of the community to come together in a spirit of compassion, tolerance, and mutual respect have achieved.

Each of the events began with the welcoming remarks from Digital4Peace and Buddhist Network for Peace and then opening remarks from delegates of the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok and followed by the interfaith dialogue.  The interfaith dialogues were designed as panel discussions which invited the leader of different faiths such as Asst. Prof. Dr Sukree Langputeh and Asst. Prof. Dr Muhammadroflee Waehama were the delegate of the Muslim community, Ven. Napan Santibhaddo Thawornbanjob was a delegate of the Buddhist community, and Mr Bunyachot Bunyakiate was a delegate of the Christian community. The topics discussed were ‘Embrace Diversity & Inclusion’ and ‘Interfaith Harmony Drives Sustainable Development’

Moreover, not only participants who participated in the events benefit from the project, the online audiences who watched via lives steam were able to learn the values of diversity as well.

Finally, the IIT2022 widely got a lot of attention among people in the southernmost provinces of Thailand and Thailand overall. The project received positive feedback that many people were interested in organizing Interfaith Iftar Thailand in their areas, such as, Songkhla, Bangkok, Ubon Ratchathani, and so on.

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Written by Digital4Peace Foundation

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